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Our family has been going to Academy of Arts for over 15 years. One of my daughters danced there for 12 years and my other daughter has been dancing there for since she was 3 and is still dancing. Both my daughters have enjoyed every minute of their experience at the dance studio. At Academy of Arts your kids actually learn to dance, unlike many other studios where they take your money and your children learn nothing. This is not a competition studio so your kids learn dance techniques and they have one recital a year. The recital is original every year and the costs are kept low since you are not required to buy a certain number of overpriced tickets or pay for overpriced costumes. Academy of Arts recitals are professional quality and are very entertaining. If your kids get into a company group then you also have a holiday show and they perform at Century Village as well as Disney. I recommend Academy of Arts highly, and when you are there, they treat you like family. I have referred many people to Academy of Arts over the years and every one has been very happy with their experience. In summary there really is no better dance studio in the area than Academy of Arts.

– Docekal Family