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Mr. Eric (b. 1990) is a musician born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition from Florida International University. Mr. Eric began piano and solfège lessons at the age of four, followed by drum set and guitar lessons by the age of nine and twelve respectively. At the age of twelve, Mr. Eric started receiving music theory and guitar lessons for several years before finishing his high school studies. After moving to the United States, Mr. Eric began his Bachelor Degree in Music Composition under the teachings of Dr. Orlando Garcia. During this period, he won several awards and prizes including first place in Klezmer Company Orchestra’s 2014 Composition Competition for writing a Latin/Jazz tune that featured several Jewish folk tunes. He then obtained a second place in their 2015 Composition Competition by writing a fugue based on a Jewish folk tune arranged in a Jazz style for a Big Band ensemble. Mr. Eric was also selected to represent the south-east region as a semi-finalist in the national 2014 Rapido! Composition Competition. Mr. Eric enjoys writing music in a wide variety of styles. He is currently working as a music educator as well as a composer for motion pictures and video games.


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