Learn piano, guitar, or hip hop styling’s at Academy of Arts, the Pembroke Pines, FL dancing academy and musical instruction institution of choice for South Florida. We have highly dedicated and conscientious instructors who are experts in fundamentals of instrumentation as well as the more recent hip hop genre of dance and music. Just like our dancing lessons are, our music lessons are affordable ways to bring out the creativity and talent of you or your child. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate level, or advanced pianist, guitarist, or hip hop devotee–you will receive expert instruction and the means to sharpen your skills and let your talent and abilities bloom!

There are no prerequisites at Academy of Arts–we take anyone who wants to learn piano, guitar, and hip hop! We’re not only about ballet and tap dancing lessons, or jazz and modern dancing instruction–our Pembroke Pines, FL dancing academy integrates many different disciplines and styles for modern dance, voice, and drama instruction, including piano, guitar and hip hop designed for today’s youth. Here, dancing lessons are just the beginning!