Do you want to learn flamenco, voice, musical theater, drama, or enroll your young one in flamenco dancing lessons or voice and drama classes?

Is your student already enrolled in ballet and tap dancing lessons, or jazz and modern dancing instruction, and looking to branch out and broaden their artistic interests? Our dancing academy features not only dancing lessons in these areas, but those for flamenco dance as well. Our voice and drama classes help to round out those looking to take their dance talent to the stage.

But even if your child is not looking to Broadway as their ultimate goal, our studio classes will create those who can express through dance, music, and vocal styling’s their innermost creative desires. At our Pembroke Pines, FL dancing academy, it’s not all about ballet and tap dancing lessons, and jazz and modern dancing instruction; our flamenco, voice, and drama classes will create a multidimensional performer, capable of giving heir own dancing lessons, or going on to the theater stage!

Stop by our Pembroke Pines, FL studio, or contact us via email, and we will begin the process of investing you or your child with the performing arts talent needed to make their dance or musical dreams come true!