At Academy of Arts our performing group is made up of students that have volunteered their time to be a part of our shows and other shows we perform throughout the year. These children are not auditioned, but rather given a chance to enjoy the art of dance and we applaud their efforts. Others in our school that do not wish to perform are not forced to be a part of this performing group.

We do not focus on dance recitals or competitions, but rather focus on training by offering an excellent dance education.

There are no recital fees, no minimum ticket purchases, or high cost costume fees. This year our dancers performed at Miramar Cultural Center, Disney, Century Village, Southwest Focal Point Community Center, and more.

We are proud of the accomplishments that have been made possible by our loyal following and joint efforts. We currently house over 750 students and hold a waiting list of hundreds throughout the year of dancers wanting to join our academy. Together we have made our school a success!

The majority of our dancers have been recommended to us and looked for our hidden location. Many of the parents themselves have danced professionally in the past, giving our studio its unique blend of talent, efforts, appreciation and family atmosphere you can find no where else.