About Our Performing Group

At Academy of Arts our performing group is made up of students that have volunteered their time to be a part of our shows and other shows we perform throughout the year. These children are not auditioned, but rather given a chance to enjoy the art of dance and we applaud their efforts. Others in our school that do not wish to perform are not forced to be a part of this performing group. We do not focus on dance recitals or competitions, but rather focus on training by offering an excellent dance education. There are no recital fees, no minimum ticket purchases, or high cost costume fees. Our dancers have performed at Miramar Cultural Center, Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Downtown Disney, Century Village, Southwest Focal Point Community Center, and many community events.

The majority of our dancers have been recommended to us and looked for our hidden location. Many of the parents themselves have danced professionally in the past, giving our studio its unique blend of talent, efforts, appreciation and family atmosphere you can find no where else.


About Our Dance Company

Our Company Members are very young in age; however, as they begin to approach the necessary age for auditions we will continue to keep you up to date with their accomplishments. They are all heading in the right direction and continue doing well every year. Our dance education ranks top in its training. With only a handful of major companies in the world, these top companies offer summer intensive programs for their potential future company members. These major companies only accept students receiving excellent training and students, who clearly display a great deal of talent and potential.

We are proud to say that Academy of Arts students are accepted into the most prestigious schools in the nation. With the thousands of dancers who audition yearly, only a few hundred are accepted. These schools include: American Ballet Theatre, School of American Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, The Rock, Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet, Washington Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, North Carolina School of the Arts, Atlanta Ballet, Orlando Ballet, Walnut Hill, Alonso Kings Lines Ballet, and The Nutmeg Conservatory. Graduating Senior Company members have earned scholarships to the Hartt School of Music, Chicago College for the Performing Arts, Florida State University, New World School of the Arts, University of Central Florida, and more. Whether their dream is to dance professionally or not, you can clearly see the discipline and dedication needed that dance gives these children. It is such an opportunity to challenge them and set such amazing future goals for themselves.